3rd Grade News: 2/10

Skills for February 13-17:

ELA: A New Home

This module offers students an opportunity to consider the history of immigration through the lens of stories. Students begin to consider the difficult choices surrounding immigration. Next week, we will dissect the poem found at the base of the Statue of Liberty: The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus.

Central Text: Her Right Foot


Identify elements of a poem (stanza, rhythm, etc.)
Distinguish the meaning of multiple meaning words in a poem.
Interpret the meaning of different lines of a poem and how they relate to the topic

Math: Measuring Length, Time, Liquid Volume, and Weight


Measurement Data on Line plots:
Measure in Halves of an Inch
Measure in Fourths of an Inch
Measurement in Halves and Fourths of an Inch
Interpret and Represent Measurement Data on Line Plots

Social Studies: Indigenous People


Gather information from a variety of sources.
Critically examine a primary or secondary source.
Organize data from a variety of sources.
Construct and communicate arguments supported by evidence.

Science: Climate and Weather

Incorporate weather data to describe major climates (polar, temperate, tropical) in different regions of the world.

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