3rd Grade News: 2/24

Skills for February 27-March 3:

ELA: A New Home

Students gain a broad perspective of American immigration patterns by reading Betsy Maestro’s Coming to America: The Story of Immigration. This informational text gives a narrative account of the many groups of people who have made North America their home. Illustrations, a table of dates, an update on current immigrations patterns, and a list of other interesting facts about immigration proved students with a factual understanding of immigration.

Central Text: Coming to America


– Create a timeline that shows key moments in the history of immigration to America.
– Plan an introduction to a narrative that engages and orients the reader.
– Distinguish between shades of meaning.
– Determine the essential meaning of a text.
– Demonstrate understanding of an abstract noun and use in an original sentence.
– Identify a central message in the Statue of Liberty.

Math: Measuring Elapsed Time


– Time to the nearest minute
– Solve problems involving elapsed time

Social Studies: Early Explorers


– Gather information from a variety of sources.
– Critically examine a primary or secondary source.
– Organize data from a variety of sources.
– Construct and communicate arguments supported by evidence.

Science: Climate and Weather

– Incorporate weather data to describe major climates (polar, temperate, tropical) in different regions of the world.

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