3rd Grade News: 8/19

Grade 3, a year of discovery and wonder, begins with a study of the ocean, a rich source of life, beauty, and inspiration. In the first Wit & Wisdom of the year, students encounter the sea through a careful analysis of literature, informational texts, and art. Students not only gain knowledge about the ocean, but also learn to value curiosity as a driving force in human endeavors.

Skills for August 22-26:

ELA: The Sea
Central Text: Amos & Boris
• Annotate a text for confusing or important information and for new vocabulary
• Generate questions about a new text and make inferences based on text evidence.
• Explain how a noun a verb function to create a sentence.

Math: Multiplication
• Use scaled picture graphs as an introduction to multiplication as equal groups.
• Connect situations involving equal groups to tape diagrams.
• Use multiplication expressions to represent equal groups.
• Represent and solve multiplication problems.
• Relate multiplication equations to situations and diagrams and write equations

Social Studies: Introduction to Geography
• Analyze maps and globes using common terms including country, equator, hemisphere, latitude, longitude, north pole, prime meridian, region, south pole, time zones.
• Use cardinal directions, intermediate directions, map scales, legends, and grids to locate major cities in Tennessee and the U.S.
• Use different types of maps (e.g., political, physical, population, resource, and climate), graphs, and charts to interpret geographic information

Science: Matter
• Describe the properties of solids, liquids, and gases and identify that matter is made up of particles too small to be seen
• Differentiate between changes caused by heating or cooling that can be reversed and that cannot
• Describe and compare the physical properties of matter including color, texture, shape, length, mass, temperature, volumes, state, hardness, and flexibility.

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