3rd Grade News: 9/16

Students examine two of ocean’s most fascinating creatures, sharks and the giant squid, in two more informational texts.

Skills for September 19-23:

ELA: The Sea

Central Text: Shark Attack! By Cathy East Dubowski/Giant Squid: Searching for a Sea Monster by Mary Cerullo Skills:
• Ask and answer questions about sharks based on a text.
• Use the text and photographs to answer questions about sharks and to develop new questions.
• Identify the main idea and key details in a selected excerpt from “Shark Attacks.”
• Define and use the words habitat, predator and prey.
• Use text features to locate information related to shark safety.
• Develop a topic with facts, definitions and details.

Math: Area

• Relate multiplication to finding the area of rectangles.
• Describe square units based on different linear units of measurement.
• Use square inches and square centimeters to measure the area of a rectangle.
• Use square feet and square meters to measure the area of a rectangle.
• Determine the are of rectangles not displayed on a grid.

Social Studies: Introduction to Geography

3.04Examine major political features on globes and maps.

3.13Explain how geographic challenges are met with bridges, canals, dams, freshwater supply, irrigation systems,
landfills, tunnels.

Science: Animal Adaptations

3.LS4.1: Explain the cause-and-effect relationship between a naturally changing environment and an organism’s
ability to survive.

3.LS4.2: Infer that plant and animal adaptations help them survive in land and aquatic biome


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