3rd Grade Newsletter 4/28

Skills for May 1-5

ELA: A New Home

Central Text: The Keeping Quilt

Students use the broad understanding of immigration they gain in this module as a backdrop for their reading of Patricia Polacco’s The Keeping Quilt, which traces one family’s story of acculturation.

Knowledge Goals:

– Gain an overview of the history of immigration to the United States.
– Understand some of the challenges immigrants face in their new country.
– Understand the diversity of traditions immigrants bring with them.


– Students use text evident to answer and ask questions about the story.
– Identify regular and irregular verbs in a text.
– Organize an event sequence that unfolds naturally.
– Analyze how an author uses dialogue to develop experiences and events in narrative writing.

Math: Putting it all together


– Multiplication and division facts review.

Social Studies: Economics


– Compare natural resources within the three grand divisions of Tennessee and trace the development of a product from natural resource to a finished product.
– Interpret a chart, graph, or resource map of major imports and exports in Tennessee.
– Describe how scarcity, supply, and demand affect the prices of products.
– Compare and contrast how goods and services are exchanged on local and regional levels.

Science: Human Impact of Ecosystems

– Explain how changes to an environment’s biodiversity influence human resources.

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The 3rd Grade Team

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