1st Grade News 4/28

  • May 2: Nashville Public Library Puppet Truck – Tomas 8:30am
  • May 2: The café will be serving tacos and other Mexican food. This will be for students who would like a school lunch. Students are encouraged to wear the colors of the Mexican flag, green, white and/or red to celebrate Taco Tuesday.
  • May 5: Field Day 9:30am-12pm/Parents are welcome to attend.
    • We are ordering cheese pizza from Jet’s for field day (even if field day is cancelled for rain.) You should have received communication from homeroom parents about money collection. If your child does not like pizza, please send a lunch from home.
  • May 5: Library books due
  • May 9: Field Day Rain Date 9:30am-12pm/Parents are welcome to attend.
  • May 12: Spring Movie Night and Picnic: 5:30pm
  • May 19: Spring Sing 9:00am/Parents are welcome to attend. Students should wear PPE field trip Navigator/Field Trip t-shirts and Khaki bottoms.
  • Field Day Information: Students should wear PPE navigator t-shirts, socks, tennis shoes, and choice of bottoms. Please consider applying sunscreen and bug spray to your child before school. We are not allowed to apply those items at school nor is your child allowed to bring those items to self-administer at school.

From Miss Stuart:

Hi, 1st Grade Families!

It’s been a joy to spend another year sharing stories with your students. Thanks to the work of their dedicated (i.e. rockstar) teachers, all the 1st graders have experienced leaps and bounds in their reading abilities. All library books are due on Friday, May 5thso that I can begin end-of-the-year inventory. Overdue notices will be sent home the week of Monday, May 8th. Thanks for helping your child foster a love of all things reading and books. Look for PPE summer reading lists soon!

Much Love,

Miss Stuart

What we are learning:

Science: Air & Weather

Social Studies: Studies Weekly #12: Memorial Day—Remembering Heroes

TN Foundational Skills/Phonics: Blending, segmenting, tricky words, and decodable texts

Wit & Wisdom: Module 3 Powerful Forces

Focusing Question: How does William use the powerful force of the wind?

Text: “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind”

Math: Add and Subtract with 20 and story problems

There will be no spelling words for the month of May.

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