Kindergarten News: 10/21

Happy Fall!

We began a study of Rap a Tap Tap- a book about the famous tap dance Bill “Bojangles” Robinson! We began our study of two dimensional shapes. Encourage your student to find shapes in the world around them! This week we reviewed the letters we have learned so far (m, a, g, I, c, d, o, t). Students should be able to read and form simple words in the consonant, vowel, consonant pattern using the letters listed above.

-One peanut free snack and water bottle should be sent each day.

-Please label all clothing with your student’s name. Many students have PPE Spirit wear and we want to ensure it gets home with the correct student.

-Additionally, please help your student practice buttoning, snapping, or zipping their coats independently. As the weather begins getting cooler jackets are necessary during arrival, dismissal, and recess. Students putting on and taking off coats independently is a big time saver!

-the 50th day of school is on Wednesday, October 26th! Your student can come in SSA or in 50s wear! We’re so proud of all the things they’ve accomplished so far this year!

-Harvest party is coming up! We are so excited to celebrate with our classes. This year guests are limited to room parents only.

Upcoming Dates:
– October 24th- Science Night
– October 26th- 50th day of school
– October 28th- Parent Teacher Conferences, no school for students
– October 31st- Harvest Parties
– November 4th- Grandparents day, Scholastic Book Fair
– November 8th- no school
– November 11th- no school (Veteran’s Day)

ELA: ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How do our senses help us learn? 
Students will…
-Name our five senses: smell, taste, touch, hearing, and sight.
-understand that we can use senses take in information and make us aware of the world around us.
-use their senses to learn about the world and to learn from books.
-use details in illustration, speech, and text provide more information for readers.
-use words and illustrations work together to tell a story and present information.

K.3 Flat Shapes All Around Us
Unit Goals:
-Students identify, describe, analyze, compare, and compose two-dimensional shapes.
Section A Goals:
-Recognize and describe shapes in the environment.
-Use informal language to describe and compare shapes and their attributes.

Social/Emotional Learning (SEL) 
-Demonstrate an awareness of my emotions.
-Demonstrate an awareness of my personal qualities and interests.
-Demonstrate an awareness of my strengths and limitations.
-Demonstrate a sense of personal responsibility and advocacy.

Thanks for ALL you do!

-Kindergarten Teachers 😊

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