Kindergarten News: 8/26

Hi Parents,
We are working hard to learn about our five senses and how they help us learn about the world. We are identifying groups of objects and counting to 10 by ones. We are also working on cutting with scissors. Each class met the Advocacy Center Coach and learned all about Percy’s Place buckets. These buckets have tools to help us calm down when we feel big emotions. We hope you enjoy seeing your student’s work come home each Friday!

-One peanut free snack and water bottle should be sent each day.
-Field trip shirts can be worn any day of the week, but are specifically worn on Navigator days, field days, and field trips. Please send your student to school wearing their red field trip shirt on Thursday, September 1, 2022 as this is our first Navigator day.
-Please label all clothing with your student’s name. Many students have PPE Spirit wear and we want to ensure it gets home with the correct student.

Upcoming Dates
September 2nd- no school
September 5th- no school (Labor day)
September 6th- Picture Day
September 9th – Family picnic
September 12th – Tiger Cup Golf Tournament

ELA: ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How do our senses help us learn?
Students will…
-Name our five senses: smell, taste, touch, hearing, and sight.
-understand that we can use senses take in information and make us aware of the world around us.
-use their senses to learn about the world and to learn from books.
-use details in illustration, speech, and text provide more information for readers.
-use words and illustrations work together to tell a story and present information.

MATH: Math in Our World
-Students recognize numbers and quantities in their world.
-Explore and use math tools.
-Share mathematical ideas with a partner.
-Recognize and name groups of up to 4 objects and images without counting.
-Answer “are there enough” questions.
-Count groups of up to 10 objects.

Social/Emotional Learning (SEL)
-Demonstrate and awareness of my emotions
-Understand and use strategies for managing my emotions and behavior constructively
-Demonstrate awareness and consideration of other people’s emotions, perspectives, and social cues

Thanks for ALL you do!

-Kindergarten Teachers 😊

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