3rd Grade News: 8/26

By learning about ocean life and the many ways humans choose to explore the sea, students gain concrete information about the world around them, as well as habits of mind that will enable them to continue their own journeys of exploration and discovery.

Skills for August 29-September 1:

ELA: The Sea

Central Text: Amos & Boris


Identify story elements in Amos & Boris.
Understand how an author groups related information together and why it is important.
Identify adverbs with the morpheme -ly and examine their function in particular sentences.
Group related information together in an explanatory paragraph.
With support, capitatlize appropriate words in titles.
Define abstract nouns using the morpheme -less.

Math: Multiplication


Use scaled picture graphs as an introduction to multiplication as equal groups.
Connect situations involving equal groups to tape diagrams.
Use multiplication expressions to represent equal groups.
Represent and solve multiplication problems.
Relate multiplication equations to situations and diagrams and write equations

Social Studies: Introduction to Geography


Analyze maps and globes using common terms including country, equator, hemisphere, latitude, longitude, north pole, prime meridian, region, south pole, time zones.
Use cardinal directions, intermediate directions, map scales, legends, and grids to locate major cities in Tennessee and the U.S.
Use different types of maps (e.g., political, physical, population, resource, and climate), graphs, and charts to interpret geographic information

Science: Matter

Describe the properties of solids, liquids, and gases and identify that matter is made up of particles too small to be seen
Differentiate between changes caused by heating or cooling that can be reversed and that cannot
Describe and compare the physical properties of matter including color, texture, shape, length, mass, temperature, volumes, state, hardness, and flexibility.

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