4th Grade News: 8/26

Happy Friday, Families!

It’s been another great week in 4th grade. We are so excited about our first HOUSE SPIRIT DAY (and Navigator Day) next Thursday, September 1! Your child can come to school dressed up with house spirit–mainly items that represent their house’s color:
Please know that you are not expected to go out and purchase anything for this. We’ll talk about being creative and give some ideas in class. If they do not have anything in their house color, that is fine! We will be showing spirit in lots of different ways at school.

Please see below for important reminders and information on the week ahead.

Quick Reminders:

-Supplies Needed: We are still missing a good amount of headphones at school! Please send this in for your child as soon as possible.
-Birthday Snacks: We love celebrating your child on their birthday! You may send in individually, pre-packaged snacks for your child’s homeroom.
-Friday Folders: Each Friday your child will bring home their Friday Folders. This will contain PTO/community information and any graded work or school handouts. Please empty the folder and return on Mondays.

What 4th Graders Are Learning Next Week:

ELA (English & Language Arts):
-Wit and Wisdom Module 1: What does it mean to have a great heart, literally and figuratively?
-Weekly Language Review: Word Study im- and in- *quiz Thursday, 9/1
-Intermediate Foundational Skills: words with the prefix en- and inflectional ending -ing

Social Studies (for the next 2 weeks due to long weekend):
-Studies Weekly, Weeks 4 and 5: “Liberty or Death” and “The Boston Tea Party” *test Friday, 9/9

-Begin Unit 2, Fraction Equivalence and Comparison
*Homework sent home Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
*Weekly Quiz on Size and Location of Fractions/Equivalent Fractions on Thursday

-Space Science (seasonal changes and shadow length)

We already look forward to the week ahead with these amazing 4th graders. Have a fantastic weekend!

The Fourth Grade Team- Grace, Kate, Emily, and Jessica

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