2nd Grade News: 2/17

Ask your 2nd Grader:
– What is the schwa sound?
– What is the lesson in The Story of Johnny Appleseed? What details in the story support that lesson?
– What are parallel lines? Can you name a shape that has two sets of parallel lines?
– What are square corners? Can you name a shape that has square corners?
– What are the attributes of a cube?
– What are the major U.S. industries?

What 2nd Graders Are Learning Next Week:

ELA (English Language Arts):
Wit and Wisdom Module 2: The American West
Essential Question: What was life like in the West for early Americans?

Learning Goals:
– Identify the lesson of a story.
– Identify similarities and differences between two versions of a text.
– Use text evidence to describe differences between two versions of the same story.
– Recall and extend new knowledge about two versions of the same story.
– Collaboratively draft an informative paragraph comparing the same type of event (drought) in two different stories.
– Draft an informative paragraph comparing a legendary figure with real-life pioneers.
– Revise an informative paragraph with a focus on points and topic-specific words.
– Demonstrate understanding of vocabulary words by analyzing correct and incorrect use in context.
– Combine simple sentences into compound sentences using conjunctions.

Tennessee Foundational Skills:
– schwa sound + /l/ ‘al’ spelling (as in animal), ‘il’ spelling (as in pencil), ‘ul’ spelling (as in awful)
– Syllable Review
– Grammar Review (nouns, adjectives, verbs, capitalization and punctuation, plural nouns, irregular plural nouns)
– Alphabetical order

– Geometry, Time and Money
– Partitioning shapes
– Application of fractions to tell time

– Forces and Interactions

Social Studies:
– Going, Going, Gone
– How can supply and demand influence production?

Dates to Remember:
– Field Trip to Travellers Rest – Friday, February 17th
– No School – Monday, February 20th
– Navigator Day – Thursday, February 23rd
– Field Trip to TPAC – Friday, February 24th
– Read-a-thon – Friday, February 24th – Wednesday, March 8th


Field Trip Reminders:
Students need to wear their 2022-2023 field trip t-shirts for the field trips on February 17th and 24th.

Please remember to send a lunch from home on both field trip days unless you indicated that your child would need a sack lunch from the cafeteria on the permission slip.






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