3rd Grade News: 12/2

Skills for December 5-9:

ELA: Outer Space

Central Text: Moonshot

Students learn about the courage and joy of the Apollo 11 astronauts through two accounts of the famous mission: One Giant Step and Moonshot.


Identify the parts of an introduction paragraph for an opinion essay.
Examine the function of adverbs in sentences.
Introduce the text, author, and topic and provide a clearly stated opinion and supporting reasons in an introduction paragraph for an opinion essay.
Identify the stages of the Apollo 11 mission and retell key events in sequence.
Math: Relating Multiplication to Division


Represent and solve “how many groups?” and “how many in each group?” problems
Understand division as a missing-factor problem.
Use properties of operations to develop fluency with single-digit multiplication facts, and their related division facts.
Use properties of operations, place value understanding, ad the relationship between multiplication and division to divide within 100.
Science: Energy in Systems

Recognize that energy is present when objects move; describe the effects of energy transfer from one object to another.

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