Kindergarten News: 10/20

Hi Families!
We hope you had a wonderful fall break! This week, the students will read a new story in ELA. The students will read and respond to this text to continue building strong routines for ELA. In foundations, the students will be reviewing the letters A, T, M, D, O, C, G, C and I. We encourage you to continue working on letters at home and through some of the practice pages in the foundations workbooks we have sent home previously. In math, the students are beginning to add and subtract. Stay tuned for more updates!

-A peanut free snack and water bottle should be sent each day.
-We love celebrating birthdays! Students can celebrate at school by bringing in individually wrapped, prepackaged treats. Please no cupcakes. Please coordinate with your teacher if your child’s birthday falls on a weekend, break, or day we are not in school.
-Parent Teacher conferences October 27th
-50th day of school October 30th
-Harvest Party October 31st
-Please have your student practice putting on, zipping and buttoning their coats on their own 🙂
-Please label your student’s coats so it can be returned if lost

ELA: ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How do our senses help us learn?
Students will…
-Read, enjoy, and analyze literary texts and visual art.
-Identify how words and pictures work together
-Experience Wit & Wisdom’s lesson structure.
-Engage with Focusing Questions, Content Framing Questions and Craft Questions.
-Practice and reflect on instructional routines and strategies.
-Identify key details, charcters, setting and parts of a story
-Label main figures and objects in pictures
-Write, say, and recognize the sound and letter names of A, T, M, D, O, C,G, and I.

-Explore and use math tools.
-Join and seperate numbers
-Answer “How Many” questions.
-represent addition and subtraction
-Dompose and decompose numbers to 10
-Count to 100 by 10s, counting backwards and counting forwards from a given number

Social/Emotional Learning (SEL)
-Demonstrate and awareness of my emotions
-Understand and use strategies for managing my emotions and behavior constructively
-Demonstrate awareness and consideration of other people’s emotions, perspectives, and social cues
-Understand why we have rules and the importance of them
-Learning how to build confidence in themselves and others

Thanks for ALL you do!
-Kindergarten Teachers 😊

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