Kindergarten News: 2/17

Hello Families!
This week was awesome! Valentine’s Day parties were amazing, and we loved seeing the creativity in student’s valentine boxes. We are digging into the history of America and making connections from life in the past to life now. Students made comparisons and wrote about how life has changed based on our text “When I Was Young In the Mountains.” We are practicing how to read and spell words with digraphs. In math, we are working with teen numbers and place value. Teen numbers are a group of ten and some ones. Ex: 14 is ten and 4 ones.

-Navigator Day is Wednesday, February 23rd. Please send your student to school in their red field trip shirt.
-One peanut free snack and filled water bottle should be sent each day.
-Students should come to school in SSA each day. SSA includes navy, black, and khaki bottoms. Dresses and jumpers can be any solid color. Shirts can be any solid color with a collar. PPE t-shirts and sweatshirts can be worn any day of the week. PPE athletic shorts and skorts can be worn on Fridays.

Upcoming Dates:
February 20th- President’s Day- No School
February 21st-23rd- Used Book Sale
February 23rd- Navigator Day
February 24th- March 8th- Read a Thon

ELA Module Learning Goals
Knowledge Goals
-Understand the difference between the past and the present.
-Identify how aspects of life in America—specifically, home life, school life, transportation, and communication—have changed.
-Describe key details about how the topics of home, school, transportation, and communication have changed over time.
-Understand how a main topic or topic statement is supported by key details.

Reading Goals
-Identify the main topic of the text, and retell the key details that support that main topic.
-Understand and describe the connection between two pieces of information in a text.
-Identify the author and illustrator in a text, and describe their roles in communicating information in a text.

Writing Goals
-Use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to respond to a prompt and supply information about a topic.
-Engage in shared research and writing projects by exploring multiple texts on the same topic.
-Collect evidence from the texts, and use it support responses to a prompt.

Speaking and Listening Goals
-Ask and answer questions in order to clarify information.
-Use drawings to provide additional detail when speaking.

Language Goals
-Produce and expand sentences using frequently occurring nouns and verbs, including regular plural nouns.
-Capitalize the word I in a sentence.
-Spell words phonetically, drawing on sound-letter relationships.

K.6 Numbers 0–20

Unit Goals
-Students answer “how many” questions and count out groups within 20. They understand that numbers 11 to 19 are composed of ten ones and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, or nine ones. They write numbers within 20.

Section B Goals
-Understand numbers 11-19 as 10 ones and some more ones.

Social/Emotional Learning (SEL)
3A. Demonstrate awareness and consideration of other people’s emotions, perspectives, and social cues.
3B. Exhibit civic responsibility in multiple settings.
3C. Demonstrate an awareness and respect for human dignity, including culture and differences.

Thanks for ALL you do!
-Kindergarten Teachers 😊

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